Monday, 27 August 2012

A big thank you goes to...

The Jus' Sail Youth Training Programme has now come to an end for this year and we are already planning and thinking of ways to make the programme bigger & better in 2013!

We have quite a few people to thank before we share some pictures from our 6 days with the students.

A big thank you goes to ...


Adam Foster General Manager thank you for the tour of the IGY Marina, St Lucia

George Bevan for showing the students around the workings of an engine

IGY Marina, St Lucia

Damon O'Donnell  for taking time out for running an inspiring customer service workshop

Damon and James with the students 

Jemima Lorde for sharing her knowledge & expertise of sea life with the students with a big smile!

Thank you Ti Kaye hotel & Dive shop for loaning us the snorkeling gear

Fresh magazine for spreading the word about the programme ...

Thanks Jo for sponsoring the Jus'Sail programme certificates

Bill Mortley thank you for our press pictures

Our first mate Herbert Evans for imparting his knowledge of  seamanship with enthusiasm, wisdom  shared with joy! 

And last but not least all the Jus'Sail fans who purchased a t-shirt or a baseball cap in support of the programme. 

And another big big thank you from us!

The Students

Jn Pierre

Jn Pierre with his catch

Lance on the ropes

Lance at Helm

Prince with his Jus'Sail certificate

Prince at the Helm

When all the hard work was done it was time for a swim ...

Lance was always the last out, he loved the ocean

Lunch time

Back to work ... learning about the power of the winch

Then back on the ropes

And there was always time for some serious fishing 

Students on the IGY tour

Students sailing along on Good Expectation ...

Cheers from IGY!

Captain James taking a well earned rest ...

Boys you have made us at Jus'Sail and your families very proud!

Jn Pierre's Mum & Dad

Lance's sister and mother

Prince & his mother front left & the Jus'Sail crew

And not forgetting our class room for the week Good Expectation!

Check out our website if you want to learn more about our St Lucia Day Sailing Experiences 

Pictures of Good Expectation in action by Dani Deveaux

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jus' Sail's new online store is supporting youth development

So this week Jus' Sail has opened its online store for supporters and guests to be able to purchase our Tshirts and Caps. The great thing about the online store is that 100% of the profits from the sale of merchandise goes towards supporting our not for profit youth development programme thats runs in August. So you get to cut a dash in your own Jus' Sail gear in full knowledge that you have also helped a local St Lucian youth gain access to the wonderful world of traditional sailing and the sea... Jus' Sail loves a win-win!

We have already started to work with some local youth in readiness for the main event in August, following are some photos to give you a taster of how our young shipmates have been getting on...

Joshua, David and Scott take charge of Good Expectation!

Scott helping set up the awning for some shade.

David learning about how to use a winch... important stuff in sailing!

If you ever want to work on a yacht or gain the respect of others within the sector its essential to be able coil a line properly! 

First Mate Herbert shows David how to "make fast" the main halyard...

The purpose of the programme is to take a select group of local youth, who have been picked through merit, having submitted an essay on why they should be involved, and give them an intensive - week long - immersion in the skills of sailing, working as a team and learning more widely about the marine sector by visits to sights of interest such as Rodney Bay Marina and Boat Yard (a big thank you to IGY and Marina Manager Adam Foster for their support) and the Soufriere Marine Management Area - a world renowned marine park that stretches to Anse Cochon a wonderful snorkelling spot at the foot of Ti Kaye resort. Who, by the way, will be kindly donating the snorkelling gear for the students to get a close up view of the coral reef in the bay, so thank you Ti Kaye!

The programme is part of Jus' Sail's commitment to investing in local people and is designed to assist the participants in getting solid skills in sailing and aspects of seamanship thereby becoming more confident on the water and also more engaged in marine issues, maybe even enough to pursue a career in the marine sector. Additionally, it is expected that participants through working closely together in a supportive and structured manner on the programme will become more confident communicators, leaders and team players. All useful skills that will help them to become more competitive in the search for employment.
We look forward (for'ard in nautical parlance!) to welcoming Prince, Lance and Jn Pierre our winners from Corinth Secondary School aboard in August! Well done guys... 

The goal is for each year the programme to become bigger and better with more participants, more resources and more collaborations with other partners to take the participants further... Ultimately we want to have our own dedicated boat, another traditional Carriacou Sloop as a full time sail training vessel for the Jus' Sail Academy! Now thats going to take a lot of Tshirts to finance but we believe its worth the effort, so... watch this space!

If you would like to directly support the training programme and fancy yourself in one of our lovely Tshirts or caps please go to the Jus' Sail online store and place your order securely through PayPal by credit or debit card. We will be sure to get your merchandise shipped out to you safely packed and registered ASAP.

Thank you for your support and please share with your friends and family!

The Jus' Sail Team.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

JusSail pictures of the month!

Hi all, its that time of the month where us at Jus'Sail look back and remember the guests we have had aboard Good Expectation and it gives us a chance to share with you some of our special moments out on the caribbean sea!

The month of July is usually a quiet time for visitors on the island so we have taken the opportunity to make preparations for the Jus'Sail Youth Program which starts in August. There will be some more information about the program in the coming weeks on how YOU can be part of making it happen for a JusSail youth member here in St Lucia so watch this space...

Two of our favourite guests this month were David and Misty. They took the helm, raised the sails, snorkelled with the fishes, enjoyed lunch at Ti Kaye, supped plenty of the Chairmans rum and bought the t-shirt in support of the Youth Program .... Cheers to you guys!

Raising the sails

David at the Helm

Misty getting ready for a snorkel

In the blue Caribbean sea

Off to lunch at Ti Kaye resort

And just enjoying the view...

When we go to the south of the island we always make a point of using a local water taxi. Our guests enjoy it and its one way of supporting other local businessmen like Tiger, what a cool name...

Herbert is our first mate aboard Good Expectation. He is an old experienced hand in these waters. He always has a story to tell but sometimes he likes to kick back and take in the sunset...

This month had one of the most amazing red sunset skies we have seen so far...

We also had aboard Good Expectation this month our youngest guests. The Maxwell family wanted a bit of adventure so they chose Jus' Sail for their first outing out on the water...

Our youngest guest...

We also had guests Cory & Khayla celebrating their first anniversary... Congratulations to you both!

We look forward to sharing with you soon the Jus'Sail Youth Programme winners until then...

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Happy Days!